Our Approach

In addition to discussing the latest business theories, John fills his programs with relevant examples, enlightening stories, and proven tools that help attendees put the powerful ideas they are learning into action.

Utilizing the latest research from schools such as Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford, and MIT Sloan; distillations of key ideas from thousands of leading business books and publications; the work of today’s top thought leaders and consultants; and our work with more than three hundred companies worldwide, we promise to deliver engaging, thought-provoking programs filled with solid business ideas and tools that drive real business results.

John does not deliver canned or off-the-shelf programs. Each workshop, seminar, or keynote is customized to specifically meet the needs and outcomes required for the attendees. To achieve that goal, John will extract elements from any of the topics in his area of study to craft a focused program that will meet your unique learning objectives.

John’s sessions can be delivered in any duration, from a 45-minute talk to full day, highly interactive workshops. He is also adept in creating full day seminars for large audiences comprised of several different departments, divisions, or companies.

All of John’s workshop topics can be presented as keynote speeches. John has a great deal of experience and a successful track record as a keynote presenter, and he is comfortable with groups as large as 10,000 or more.

If you are not familiar with John’s teaching style, you should know that it is information-intensive, fast-paced, and concentrated on delivering solid ideas, tools, and teaching points. John is not in any way a “motivational speaker”, but audiences report that they have felt very engaged, inspired, and motivated to apply the information John shares with them.

Below you will find links to John’s top workshop overviews and several sample video clips.

For detailed information on any of these workshops, how they can be customized to meet your requirements, and John’s availability, please contact our office, and we will be happy to assist you. Email Sheila@johnspence.com or call +1 352.339.0142.

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