Why Work With John
Why Work With John

To better serve our clients we have installed a state-of-the-art live streaming system so that we can deliver all of John’s workshops, trainings, keynotes, and executive coaching virtually. Contact us to discuss how we can help you and your company in these challenging times.

Few management advisors can bring the depth of real-life experience that John Spence has to your organization. During the last three decades, John has worked side-by-side on business improvement projects with executives in more than 300 companies, helping them to uncover issues and opportunities and implement actionable plans to address them.

John helps business leaders trapped in business-as-usual, break free to achieve real results. His goal is to help them focus on the critical components that drive business growth so they can thrive. 

He will support, teach, and motivate you to put in place the tools, processes, and systems that your business needs to maximize future performance. The objective is to get you focused and take action on the strategically important priorities that will drive your business forward. 

The first step in solving a problem is to define the problem.

John uses a proprietary “Organizational Effectiveness Audit” to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your business. These issues are like fulcrums, generating positive or negative results that can dramatically impact the future of the enterprise.

Some of the areas addressed in the audit include:

  •         Teamwork
  •         Trust
  •         Communications across the organization
  •         Leadership team effectiveness
  •         Organizational culture
  •         Strategic intent
  •         Accountability
  •         Disciplined execution
  •         Customer focus
  •         Employee engagement

Unfortunately, most organizations have no clear sense of how they are actually performing in each of the critical areas and a blind spot in one or more can have severe consequences for the long-term success of the business.

As every organization is different, John can customize the audit to address some of the unique attributes of your organization. However, through years of client work, we have developed a very good benchmarking system with the core data. In addition, the audit may be segmented to capture responses from different groups within the organization such as by department, team or location. The audits are deployed through an easy to use online survey tool and are 100% confidential so that employees feel comfortable when being candid in their responses.

Once the audit is completed John will prepare an executive report to share with the CEO or leadership team. Based on the findings, John will recommend a course of action to address areas with low scores and maintain and improve the high scores. Typically, this includes John building a custom training course for the leaders of the organization, or the entire organization and offering his advice and guidance for improvements across the enterprise. If the client desires, John will redeploy the audit every six months or annually to ensure that the company is moving on a positive trend.

When consulting, John shows businesses how to develop a plan that enables them to understand where they currently are, where they want to be, what they must focus on to achieve it. How to create the focus and tempo to implement it, and what short term and mid-term changes to make as they progress. 

Depending on the framework of the assignment, John may be very heavily involved and coach, mentor and hold the client accountable for achieving their stated goals in a hands-on way. Another approach is less intense and he will help you and your team formulate a plan and check in periodically on progress, conduct workshops, mentor, etc. as needed. 

Execution is all about getting things done. John will make sure you have the tools to install the right processes to grow your business and run it more efficiently, giving you time to focus on what is strategically important.   

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