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For over two decades, John Spence has served as a trusted advisor and coach to senior executives at top global companies. These executives turn to John for his wealth of knowledge and experience working with companies from Fortune 10 to small start-ups. Clients know that John reads over 120 business books every year. With this, John is often asked to summarize key points of a specific topic in a “letter” format that will help the executive learn a new skill or make a major business decision.

Letters to a CEO is a compilation of the real letters that John has sent to his clients over the last few years. The letters provide insight into critical business topics like making good decisions, increasing accountability, strategic thinking, high performance teams, and more.

Every letter is short in length, but rich in knowledge. John packs them with his best ideas, insights, and lessons he has learned as the CEO of companies and reading thousands of business books. John’s never ending quest to learn as much as possible on building, growing, and sustaining highly successful organizations shows in his writing. Reading this book is like having a top Fortune 500 executive coach standing by to give you great advice whenever you need it.

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