Why Work With John
Why Work With John

Welcome to your client portal. On behalf of my team and myself, thank you for participating in your event hosted by John Spence. Here you will find a variety of resources from kicking off our time together to some post-event additional learning materials. I’ve hand selected these materials for your organization as they seemed to be best suited to your needs. I hope that you and your colleagues will continue to use this page as a mini learning resource center and learning tool.

  • Meeting StartersAccordion Dropdown

    Here you’ll find your initial meeting materials. From surveys to audits, you can access your early event reference materials here.

  • Video LibraryAccordion Dropdown

    Here you can find the collection of video resources available including pre-event, the filmed event, and the post-event debrief video.

  • Key IdeasAccordion Dropdown

    Following the event, here is where John will post and share key articles, blogs, and other resources that support key ideas from the event.

  • Complete Your AuditAccordion Dropdown

    After your engagement with John, you will have the opportunity to complete an audit. This audit takes a holistic look at your organization as well as how John was able to help.

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Building and Sustaining a Winning Culture.
The information I have introduced here is the compilation of my own extensive fieldwork and many insightful facts from genius organizations that verify the tremendous value of a winning culture. I hope this resource brings you continued success.

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Nothing motivates John more than seeing his clients succeed. If you have a question, please ask him! He’s happy to help if he can.

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