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Recognized as one of the top professional speakers in America, John Spence delivers information-intensive keynotes and breakout sessions that are highly focused and results-oriented, while remaining fun and entertaining.

Whether addressing an audience of 3,000 business professionals at a major conference, or presenting a special session for a handful of top executives in a board room, John readily establishes a strong connection to people through his honest, open and approachable style, combined with his incredible ability to address complex and challenging subjects in a simple and straightforward manner.

Listed below are very brief overviews of some of John’s most requested speeches. Although the majority of John’s keynotes focus on the areas of leadership, teamwork, business excellence, strategic thinking, corporate culture and customer service – keep in mind that he never presents a “generic” speech. John will always take the time necessary to work with you and your organization to fully customize his presentation to meet your unique needs and ensure that he delivers exactly the right message.

The Leader of the Future

Based on John’s work as the senior instructor for several corporate leadership development programs, this speech focuses on the characteristics, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are demanded by top talent of leaders they willingly follow. Topics for this speech include respect, vision, honesty, communication, teamwork, integrity and ethics. This thought-provoking and motivating session will help attendees understand what is required to be a highly effective leader.

Awesomely Simple

Taken directly from the core ideas of John’s book, this speech deals with the six critical strategies for building and sustaining a highly successful organization. Full of stories, anecdotes and lots of real-world application, this speech will help attendees clearly understand what they must focus on to take their business to the next level and keep it moving forward. This speech is appropriate for anyone who manages or leads a team, department, division or an entire organization.

Creating a Winning Culture

One of John’s most popular speeches, this program takes an in-depth look at what is required to build the kind of corporate culture that attracts, retains and grows truly outstanding employees. Based on the Great Places to Work study and the Firms of Endearment study, this speech touches on issues such as: communication, teamwork, motivation, accountability and delivering superior customer service.

The New Normal: Dealing Effectively with Change

Anytime there is economic or organizational turmoil and your employees are faced with significant change, it is absolutely critical to help people understand how to effectively embrace change and move forward proactively towards the “new normal.” This speech deals with the emotional cycle that people move through as they struggle with change and outlines specifically what must be done to create an organization that can deal successfully with change.

Managing Millennials

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side. But whether this multi-generational workplace feels happy, engaged and productive or misunderstood and antagonistic, is in large part, up to the leader. How should you manage employees of different age groups? What motivates each of these different generations? What specifically motivates the fastest growing segment of the workforce, the Millennial? What can you or your management team do to help them work effectively together, share knowledge and ideas, foster an engaged and collaborative culture, create strong work units while delivering the required business results? Whether focusing on the millennial generation’s attitudes, value systems and what motivates them or integrating all generations into cohesive teams, this information-intensive workshop or keynote will provide the specific skills and tools to help you successfully lead and manage across this incredibly diverse workforce.


See what people say about John Spence


John is one of the brightest, most energetic people I have ever come across. His enthusiasm when running classes for me has proven to be infectious. The feedback from the participants is always through the roof. John is an expert in effective business strategies with no fluff. He is brutally honest and gets the most out of anyone he interacts with. He also happens to be an outstanding human being of the highest integrity whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for nearly 20 years.

Bill Davidson – Qualcomm

John is in class of speakers second to none. He has the unique ability to deliver simplified yet highly effective solutions to complex business challenges… and always with his signature passion and enthusiasm that I admire. It is never a dull moment in one of John’s seminars and I regularly receive feedback from others who agree. John is a refreshing inspiration to anyone who attends one of his sessions.

Mindy Gillis M.Ed. The Mayo Clinic

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