Why Work With John
Why Work With John

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eBook + Companion Videos

This ebook is basically the workbook from my “Advanced Life Skills” workshop. I have taught this material to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and more than 90 colleges and universities and numerous high schools, all with tremendous positive results.

It has taken me more than 20 years to compile this very special book, filled with powerful ideas, helpful workshops and wisdom from some of the most gifted thinkers of all time. It is like taking the very best self-help, college success and career success books ever written and boiling them all down to just the most important key ideas. I have also put together a series of short companion videos that you can watch as you go through the book to help you with the workshops and give you even more ideas and advice.

This program is specifically designed to help you take stock of your life and then set a clear and compelling plan that will make it as easy as possible for you to achieve more success, happiness and joy in your life. If you want to see dramatic positive changes to your life, this life planning program was created just for you.

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