Why have some of the top companies in the world, come to John Spence to create and deliver custom training workshops and keynote speeches for their employees and executives?

Because he does not waste their time or money.


There are three main elements that distinguish a John Spence program from other executive training programs and speeches:


Every idea put forth, every tool that is suggested, every theory that is discussed – is founded in rock-solid research from the top business schools, authors, consultants and companies in the world. For example, to create cutting-edge presentations that reflect the newest discoveries and most current thinking, John personally reads a minimum of 100 business-related books each year and listens to an additional 50 on audio, giving him an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge from which to draw. As a guest lecturer at some of the world’s most prestigious business schools, John also enjoys the rare opportunity to interact directly with leading CEO’s and top business thinkers. It would be exceedingly difficult to find another speaker who invests this level of work and research in building his  programs.

Real Life Experience

Many instructors understand the theory and research, but John Spence has also lived the material he presents. As a former CEO of an international foundation directed by Winthrop Rockefeller; an owner of several small businesses; and through serving on the management teams of over a dozen client companies around the world, John has garnered a wealth of personal hands-on organizational and leadership experience. This real-world work down in the “business trenches” gives John the level of credibility needed to present tough topics as a peer, (not simply a trainer) and allows him to respond to complex business questions that other instructors simply do not have the background to address.


John is completely committed to delivering programs that give people practical ideas and actionable tools that they can apply right away to improve their business and life. Yes, his classes are enjoyable, entertaining and even motivating – but make no mistake – the only reason for investing in a workshop or speech is to get positive results that address your business needs. John understands this clearly, which is why more than 90% of his clients are repeat customers that have asked him to return year after year.

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