Why Work With John
Why Work With John

As an author, international executive coach, professional development educator, virtual trainer, strategic planning facilitator, keynote speaker and developer of online learning programs, John Spence’s clients from around the world say that they hire him for three main reasons:

  • Research: John has read a minimum of 100 business books per year since 1989 giving him a depth and breadth of knowledge that very few can offer.
  • Real-life: John has been the owner or CEO of five companies, so he knows what it’s like to be in the trenches and successfully navigated many of the issues you are likely facing.
  • Passion: For nearly 30 years, John has traveled worldwide to help people and businesses be more successful. He has worked with hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 10 and his intense dedication to consistently delivering excellence has earned him numerous awards.
    • Top 100 Business Thought Leaders in America
    • Top 100 Small Business Influencers in America
    • Top 50 Small business Experts in America
    • Top 500 Leadership Development Experts in the World
    • Top 100 Leadership Speakers in America
    • Thinkers50 Top Eight in the World for the Distinguished Achievement Award
    • Top 50 Leaders to Watch in America

It is for these reasons that John’s clients report that they always get a high ROI for the time and money they invest in his programs. John offers a variety of services based on his expertise in several key business areas including

His goal is to help you achieve your desired outcome by creating a unique program tailored specifically to your needs. His keynotes and workshops are always content-rich and focus on sharing tools and ideas that people can implement right away to have a huge positive impact on their organization and personal successes.

To learn more about John’s offerings, check out the below benefits and information to help get an overview of working with John. For available dates and pricing, get in touch with us.

  • Customize Your ProgramAccordion Dropdown

    John offers a variety of topics and options in his services. However, when you hire John, you’re getting a program built just for you. From content to format, John and his team can help you build the program that is on-target for your needs. The below list of topics includes but is not limited to the topics of John’s expertise:

    • Achieving Business Excellence
    • Advanced Leadership
    • The Essentials of Accountability
    • Building a Winning Culture
    • Team Building
    • The Future of Business
    • Consultative Sales
    • Strategic Planning/Thinking
    • Superior Customer Service
    • Presentation Skills


  • John's BackgroundAccordion Dropdown

    John Spence is an author, international executive coach, professional development educator, virtual trainer, strategic planning facilitator, keynote speaker and developer of online learning programs. John is recognized as one of the top business thought leaders and leadership development experts in the world and was named by the American Management Association as one of America’s Top 50 Leaders to Watch along with Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon. As a consultant and coach to organizations worldwide, from startups to the Fortune 10, John is dedicated to helping people and businesses be more successful by “Making the Very Complex… Awesomely Simple.”

  • John in ActionAccordion Dropdown

    This is a brief video about John and some of his accomplishments. It may be used as bio or introduction.

    I had the pleasure of chatting with my long time friend and colleague, Andy Bailey, in a webinar all about Piloting in Turbulence. In our conversation, I unpack four fundamental areas to focus on as a leader that will help your business get through this challenging time and in the future.

    Piloting in Turbulence with Andy Bailey from John Spence on Vimeo.

    John spoke at a TEDx event this year addressing the shifts in the modern workplace and leadership over time. We no longer work under a militaristic leadership style, but instead a servant leadership style. John shares how in today’s workplace and for the future, great leaders come from a balance combination of our intelligence quotient (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ), and adaptability quotient (AQ).

    At the reThink Success Conference, John discusses the key components to reaching success and what success means to him.

    reThink Success from John Spence on Vimeo.

    As an overview of John’s topics of focus, John has developed this video that describes many of his sessions and how we operate. This is a great way to share this information with your team and to allow interested parties get a sense of his delivery style.

  • What Sets John ApartAccordion Dropdown

    We charge a daily rate and encourage all of our clients to use John as fully as possible while he is on-site. That means you can schedule John for a keynote, a workshop, cocktail reception, luncheon or round-table, client, vendor, customer session/workshop. We offer this to our clients so they may receive as much value and benefit from the engagement.

    • As part of his fee, John will create a custom pre-event and post-event video message for you to share with your conference attendees.
      • The pre-event video is usually a greeting from John and outlines what his program will cover in order to build anticipation for the session and/or to drive attendance. This is a sample of an actual client’s pre-event video shared with their permission. John will customize your video to describe your meeting or event.
      • The post-event video is usually a thank you and wrap-up of the session that reiterates any action steps, take-aways or concepts that the participants should be implementing now that they are back in their offices. Both are quite powerful and popular aspects of having John as part of the event. This is a sample of an actual client’s post-event video shared with their permission. John will customize your post-event video to reinforce the key the components and ideas shared at your event.
    • We offer a pre-planning online survey where we can ask your key constituents what topic and/or challenges they would most like to address and craft a program around that feedback.
    • This is a sample of a John Spence Client Resource Portal. As we develop your program we will populate the portal with additional information relative to the subject matter of your engagement with John.  This page is intended to be shared with the attendees after your event and for them to use and share again with colleagues as a mini resource library and learning tool. View sample client portal.



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