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Why do the leading companies and associations in the world hire John Spence to deliver training workshops and keynotes to their organizations? We asked some of our top clients and here is exactly what they told us:


“John reads more than 100 business books a year and also does a massive amount of research on the topics he covers. I can’t think of another instructor in the world who studies as hard as he does. I also find it refreshing that he takes the time to completely customize his programs to exactly what we ask him to address and he always nails it.”


“John has owned and run several companies, he was the CEO of a Rockefeller foundation in his 20s. In other words, he is not talking about theory, but from a deep level of personal business experience, which gives him an extra level of credibility with our folks.”


“It is plain to see that John is truly passionate about helping people and their companies be more successful. When he works with our people you can feel the enthusiasm he has for sharing his very best ideas and working super hard to make sure everybody gets value from his programs.”


“We always get a strong ROI from John’s programs. He shows up fully prepared and does not waste a minute of our time or money. He always focuses on things that work in the real world and drive real business results. We see him as an important partner in our business.”

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About John

Why have some of the top companies in the world and hundreds of others come to John Spence to create and deliver custom training workshops and keynote speeches for their employees and executives?

Because he has the unique ability to deliver critical business ideas in an engaging, straightforward and easy-to-apply manner and always drives hard to ensure that he does not waste his client’s time or money.

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John Spence Delivers

John has earned an international reputation for delivering programs and consulting that give people practical ideas and actionable tools.

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Awesomely Simple

Delivered in John’s approachable and straightforward manner, Awesomely Simple reveals the six key strategies that create a foundation for achieving business excellence.

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The John Spence Formula for Business Success from John Spence on YouTube.

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June 24, 2019

The Leader of the Future

John not only inspires his audience to stand up and become leaders whether in business, home, or community – he provides a framework and tools to be become GREAT leaders.

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John has earned an international reputation for delivering programs and consulting that give people
practical ideas and actionable tools.


Ranging from financial strategy to culture building

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John excels in both small groups to large scale seminars

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A valuable addition to any corporate problem-solving

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