Why Work With John
Why Work With John

My YouTube Channel

On my YouTube channel, I regularly share information-rich videos on how to operate a highly successful business. If you haven’t already subscribed, make sure to do so to stay up to date on my latest business lessons.

Awesome Simple Toolbox

Used in tandem with John’s book Awesomely Simple, the toolbox gives you actionable steps including effectiveness audits, discussion topics, checklists, and more.

Top Business Books

With countless options and new business books being published, it is difficult to narrow down to just a few from the many I’ve read over the years. In no particular order, this list of books includes over 60 selections that I believe share the best overall view on how to build, lead, and grow a highly successful organization.

List of Top Links

Here is a list of training, education and business research resources I use. Many of them are customizable where you can create your own page with specific areas of interest such as leadership, management, sales, social media, marketing, etc.

Four Pieces of Paper

Do you have a difficult employee who is not meeting the full potential? As one of my most requested videos, I tackle how to go about handling a challenging employee. All this approach requires is for four simple pieces of paper when you sit down with them.

Achieving Business Excellence (PDF)

I’ve spent years studying other businesses, reading books, and listening to podcasts trying to figure out what the underlying pattern in business excellence looks like. Put simply, all sustainable business success is built on delivering real value to the customer — period. Check out my full piece to learn the steps that you can take to bring this to your business.

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