The quality of the people in your organization determines its long-term success. Top talent keeps a business moving forward. Leaders at every level must constantly grow and improve to maintain that momentum. This requirement is even more urgent for senior leaders. That is why many executives choose to engage a coach.

For example, even the best athletes in the world realize they can't do it alone. They hire coaches to guide them. A good coach will help them build on strengths, identify weaknesses, and teach them techniques to improve their performance. They motivate them and give them tough love when necessary. They support them and push them to improve consistently. It's precisely the same for you.

Every coach has a different way they practice their craft. Here is an overview of my approach to coaching.

  • I only work with good people who want to get better
  • I am more of a "business acumen" coach rather than just an executive coach
  • Together we will partner for your improvement in specific areas such as strategic thinking, leadership, building high-performance teams, creating a culture of excellence, increasing accountability in your organization, communication skills, conflict resolution, and other similar topics
  • I will assign short readings or videos to use as a basis for our discussions
  • I will offer advice and guidance but never tell you how to run your business or career
  • I will be an unbiased sounding board and keep all conversations confidential
  • I will speak with complete candor and honesty
  • I will sometimes deliver uncomfortable feedback
  • I will hold you accountable for the actions you promise to take
  • I am not a life coach and typically avoid discussing personal or family issues with clients
  • For most engagements, we will meet for an hour and a half every two weeks. However, I am available 24/7 if you need help with something
  • We do not charge an hourly rate. We work on a monthly retainer
  • I have more than 25 years of coaching experience worldwide
  • I have coached in companies from startups to the Fortune 10
  • I have owned or been the CEO of several companies, giving me real world experience that I can apply to our work together.
  • I have a good sense of humor and want to have fun working together

Some of the outcomes you can expect because of working with me

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Enhanced strategic thinking
  • Better decision-making ability
  • Building an adaptable and agile culture
  • Higher levels of accountability within your organization
  • Leading change effectively
  • The ability to better motivate teams
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Increased awareness and perspective
  • Greater confidence
  • Managing stress and conflict more effectively
  • Improved work/life balance

If you believe working with me would be beneficial, contact our team, and we will set up a call to discuss your needs.


Check what our clients say about us

“We’ve been working with John for well over a decade and he is the best in the business. He’s not only a fantastic executive coach and management consultant, he’s also an energetic and compelling key note speaker. Highly recommend!”

Dan Berger

President and CEO

Since working with John, the last couple years, I can’t imagine having a better executive coach and strategist for our company. I always look forward to our one-on-one meetings and they never end without me learning something new or being given a new perspective on things. John’s also been instrumental in our company’s annual strategic planning. He’s been great at keeping our team on track, focused on what’s important, and helping us see our blind spots

Alan Schwartz

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