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As a business owner or senior leader, you understand the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from your competitors and gives your customers a reason to choose you. That's why we always encourage businesses to ask their best customers, "Why, specifically, do you do business with us?  What are the top three or four reasons?" By collecting these answers, you can identify the key differentiators that form your brand.

When we ask our clients this question, the pattern is crystal clear. Here are the four reasons they consistently give for choosing to work with us:

Research + Real-Life + Passion = ROI

  • Research: As a keynote speaker, executive coach, and training and development expert, John is always seeking out the latest research and best practices. Since 1989, he has read a minimum of 100 business books per year, giving John a depth and breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled. Our clients trust that John will provide them with insights and strategies that are backed by data and research.
  • Real-life: Because of his experience as a former CEO and business owner, and working with companies worldwide, John brings an incredible amount of hands-on experience to the table, which allows him to provide practical and actionable advice.
  • Passion: John loves what he does, and it shows. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and our clients can tell that he is genuinely committed to helping them improve.
  • ROI: Our clients consistently report a strong return on investment from the work we do together. Because of his research, experience, and passion, John can provide them with ideas and tools that help their organization be more successful. John is always driving to make things simple and applicable, so our clients can implement his recommendations and quickly see results.

We offer a variety of services based on his expertise, including.

To learn more about John’s offerings, check out the below benefits and information to help get an overview of working with John. For available dates and pricing, get in touch with us.

Customize Your Program

John offers a variety of topics and options in his services. However, when you hire John, you’re getting a program built just for you. From content to format, John and his team can help you build the program that is on-target for your needs. The below list of topics includes but is not limited to the topics of John’s expertise:

  • Achieving Business Excellence
  • Advanced Leadership
  • The Essentials of Accountability
  • Building a Winning Culture
  • Team Building
  • The Future of Business
  • Consultative Sales
  • Strategic Planning/Thinking
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Presentation Skills

What Sets John Apart

We charge a daily rate and encourage all of our clients to use John as fully as possible while he is on-site. That means you can schedule John for a keynote, a workshop, cocktail reception, luncheon or round-table, client, vendor, customer session/workshop. We offer this to our clients so they may receive as much value and benefit from the engagement.

  • As part of his fee, John will create a custom pre-event and post-event video message for you to share with your conference attendees.
  • The pre-event video is usually a greeting from John and outlines what his program will cover in order to build anticipation for the session and/or to drive attendance. This is a sample of an actual client’s pre-event video shared with their permission. John will customize your video to describe your meeting or event.
  • The post-event video is usually a thank you and wrap-up of the session that reiterates any action steps, take-aways or concepts that the participants should be implementing now that they are back in their offices. Both are quite powerful and popular aspects of having John as part of the event. This is a sample of an actual client’s post-event video shared with their permission. John will customize your post-event video to reinforce the key the components and ideas shared at your event.
  • We offer a pre-planning online survey where we can ask your key constituents what topic and/or challenges they would most like to address and craft a program around that feedback.

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