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John is an exceptional partner who delivers impactful presentations that motivate and energize audiences. His work with my sales team has been 100% positive and he always seeks to understand the situation and exceed expectations. John is not only a partner for specific events, but also a valuable resource throughout the year, often going above and beyond to provide support. I highly recommend John Spence with my highest endorsement.

Jen Ward

National Sales Director, Women's Health

A healthy business depends upon sage advice and counsel, which is what John Spence has provided over many years. John’s work covered the spectrum from achieving business excellence to sales and client service; he quickly established himself as a most trusted advisor. I’ve listened to his advice, internalized his methods, customized approaches to fit specific situations, and experienced remarkable results

Bill Dellecker

John is awesome…hire him
Does that work? Ok, fine then how about this:
I have worked with John for over 30 years. His energy is amazing. That is only surpassed by his knowledge on how to run a successful company. His strategies require continued focus and, as John always demonstrates, great amounts of passion. Implement his strategies results in success that impacts effectiveness for an organization.

Dr. Bob Rohrlack

President and CEO
Tampa Bay Chamber

I have utilized John's talent in many ways over the last decade. His ability to simplify, and communicate with my leader ship team, and with me has been invaluable. We have grown tremendously as a company and in our culture for the future because of John Spence.

Rick Staab

Chief Executive Officer
The Intermed Group

I've had the pleasure of knowing John for nearly 20 years, and he is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people I've ever met. He excels at running classes and infectiously motivates the participants. John is an expert in effective business strategies, and his honesty helps him get the most out of everyone he interacts with. Additionally, he is an outstanding human being of the highest integrity.

Bill Davidson

Chief Operating Officer

As an instructor in our leadership academy, John Spence is a remarkably provocative and talented thinker. His presentations leave our participants feeling motivated and energized, knowing they can make a difference in their communities. His generosity in sharing resources and staying in touch with our course participants is commendable. I highly recommend and endorse John without hesitation for his excellent and remarkable talent.

Eleanor Warmack

“We’ve been working with John for well over a decade and he is the best in the business. He’s not only a fantastic executive coach and management consultant, he’s also an energetic and compelling key note speaker. Highly recommend!”

Dan Berger

President and Ceo

Since working with John, the last couple years, I can’t imagine having a better executive coach and strategist for our company. I always look forward to our one-on-one meetings and they never end without me learning something new or being given a new perspective on things. John’s also been instrumental in our company’s annual strategic planning. He’s been great at keeping our team on track, focused on what’s important, and helping us see our blind spots

Alan Schwartz

Our team at the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has collaborated with John Spence for over a decade, always seeking new ways to work with him. John's ability to distill complex concepts into simple, actionable advice and tools, combined with his commitment to helping people and businesses improve and grow, make him an invaluable education partner. Our members have benefited greatly from our work with John, and our leadership team frequently seeks his insight and expertise. We're fortunate to have him as a friend and partner in education.

Liz Walz

John Spence delivers! He is an incredible speaker and delivers more content-per-hour than just about anyone I can think of. John’s delivery is engaging and brings people together in creative ways so that they learn and enjoy the experience. I’ve worked with John multiple times over the years and couldn’t be happier with the outcome each time.

Amith Nagarajan


Working with John Spence for over 20 years has been instrumental in our early success, and his strategic discussions, honest feedback, and focus on excellence and accountability have been invaluable both professionally and personally. John's authentic style and real-life experiences with hundreds of other companies make him an exceptional mentor who understands what it takes to achieve long-term success. I'm fortunate to call John not only a mentor but also a friend after all these years.

Carl Rapp

Group Vp Drive Systems & Services and President
Philadelphia Gear at Timken Company

I first saw John deliver a keynote on "the future of technology" and its impact on business, and his foresight has helped many of us in the Entrepreneurs Organization plan for changes ahead. His concepts and best practices are highly impactful, proactive, actionable, and easily implemented, reflecting a lifetime of true thought leadership. John's coaching has had a profound impact on me personally, especially in creating a life plan and understanding that the greatest rewards come from who you become on your path, not just the journey or destination.

Len Oppenheimer

Owner and General Manager
The Golden Box, Inc.

I have had the utmost pleasure of working with John Spence several times as a keynote speaker and each time was phenomenal! John keeps the audience completely engaged and provides a myriad of take-aways that leaves our members feeling motivated and inspired. John and his team are a delight to work with and always make my job easier while making me look good! Thanks John!

Anne Swanson, CMP

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