Why Work With John
Why Work With John

John Spence has helped companies from Fortune 10 to startups to make the very complex… awesomely simple. To learn more about the impact that John has made on these types of businesses, check out what John’s clients have to say.


Merrill Lynch

I wanted to thank you for the significant and positive impact you’ve had on both sides of my career:  I’ve managed Merrill’s rapid response business intelligence team since 1999 and have also taught Applied Micro Economics and Business Management at Rutgers University for 19 years.  At Merrill, you’ve helped me become a better negotiator and push myself to innovate and deliver excellence allowing me to maintain an extraordinarily stable position throughout a decade of turmoil.  At Rutgers you’ve given me a huge amount to think about and apply in my Management class – I quote your materials often and encourage students to check you out online.  In both cases, you’ve helped me really define my value proposition and develop a franchise within a franchise business model to uniquely differentiate my Merrill department from our peers and my courses from other instructors.  I designed an analytics team patterned after a special forces operating model and my large lecture Microeconomics course is designed to flow like a 14 week TED talk – both approaches continue to deliver specialized and unexpected value to my internal clients and students.

I really appreciate your generosity in the videos, slide shows and materials you’ve made available on the web – thank you!  Most of all, your outlook on success which highly values self-fulfillment and service to others really resonates with me.

John C Italia Director, Merrill Lynch Global Business Metrics and Reporting

The Mayo Clinic

I have had the pleasure to work with John Spence for several years at Mayo Clinic. John is an excellent speaker. His passion is contagious. His experience is proven. His knowledge is diverse and well researched.

John is in class of speakers second to none. He has the unique ability to deliver simplified yet highly effective solutions to complex business challenges… and always with his signature passion and enthusiasm that I admire. It is never a dull moment in one of John’s seminars and I regularly receive feedback from others who agree. John is a refreshing inspiration to anyone who attends one of his sessions.

I recently had the opportunity to work with John on a high-level leadership project. His insight and simplified approach was essential to the success of the improvements made by the leaders involved. John is an excellent communicator, superb speaker, proven expert, inspiring motivator, and textbook model of personal integrity. It is always a pleasure to work with John. I would recommend John to anyone who may have a need for his world-class training or expertise.

Mindy Gillis M.Ed. Specialist, Leadership Learning and Development Center of Excellence – The Mayo Clinic

Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure

My wife and I were celebrating our 37th anniversary down in the British Virgin Islands. While on a boat ride, I connected with a gentleman who owns his own leadership training/development business. As we discussed our work and passions, I asked him who he uses for inspiration and ideas. I was blown away when he said “Some old school guys like Lee Iacocca and Jack Welch and more recently writers like Daniel Pink, Peter Bregman, and John Spence.”

I jumped at the connection and asked how he had connected to you. He had stumbled across a couple of your blog posts a while back looking for fresh ideas to add to his training but has had you bookmarked ever since. As the Ambassador of Hope for Tyler’s Hope, I wove in our connection and knew we had to meet again. I know you have accolades heaped on you daily, and have always been amazed at your steady, unpretentious modesty with how large and influential your brand has become, but thought you would like to hear about this “real world” connection!

Ken StaabAmbassador of Hope, Tyler’s Hope for a Dystonia Cure

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