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Strategic Thinkers & Doers

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First, there is no shortage of bright, creative and forward looking people and strategies; I find brilliant thinkers and highly innovative strategies at companies around the globe. However, there is a HUGE shortage of is people who can effectively takes those ideas and turn them into action.

Success Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Goals

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A good friend just sent me this list of success quotes that was created by Dan Waldschmidt. I like it very much and have added a few success ideas of my own… YOU HAVE TO DO THE HARD THINGS. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make. You have to get up earlier […]

Three Keys to a Winning Culture

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During the past year a great deal of my time has been spent teaching organizations around the world how to improve their culture, as many organizations (both large and small) are now realizing that Culture =Cash! They have finally accepted that if getting, growing and keeping top talent is a strategic objective (and it should […]