Do I Really Need To Say Anything?

Posted On: August 8

I have started a new practice that has made a substantial positive impact on my life. As a consultant, I’ve always known that my job was to ask good questions and listen intensely. However, in my personal life, I will often give my feedback, opinions, and suggestions without being asked for it! I realized this wasn’t exactly a positive trait.


During the last few months, I have focused on asking myself a few questions before I open my mouth.

  • Do I really need to say anything right now?
  • Will what I’m about to say add any value to this conversation?
  • Do they want my advice or simply for me to listen to them?
  • Do I want to be correct, or do I want to be happy?


Just taking a moment to pause and ask these questions has changed how I approach conversations. Carefully thinking about what I plan to say before I say it has cut my comments by 80%. I talk less, listen more, and strive for genuine connection. It makes the discussion much better for everyone involved.


So to finish, let me ask you a question rather than telling you what to do.

Do you think it would be helpful to ask yourself these questions before you start talking?

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