Why Great Leaders Make Love The Top Priority (TED Talk / Video)

Posted On: December 16

I’m excited to share a new TED Talk with you that is one of the best – and most inspiring – speeches I have ever seen on leadership.

I have spent the last 30 years teaching leadership to companies all over the world – so that is very high praise indeed.

The idea Matt Tenney shares in this TED Talk is spot on.  I think he has truly captured the essence of leadership.

His extremely powerful idea? Great Leaders Make Love Their Top Priority

I could not agree more strongly.


Enjoy the talk and PLEASE share it with your entire network, this is a message that EVERY leader needs to hear.

Thanks – John


PS – If you’d like to learn more about Matt after you watch the video below, here’s a link to his website – https://www.matttenney.com/.


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