Piloting in Turbulence – Webinar

Posted On: March 25

Last week, I shared with you all a video on Leading Thoughtfully and Effectively in a Crisis. One of my key takeaways was to talk to someone outside your business. With that said, who better to talk to than someone that you’ve known for years and understands you and your business?

This week, I joined my good friend, Andy Bailey, Certified Petra Coach, for a virtual webinar where I shared some of my best tips to help you and your business survive this challenging moment. Businesses big and small are looking to their leaders for guidance and wisdom right now. This webinar will help give you the tools you need to be the leader your organization needs right now so that you can make a positive impact for both turbulent time and the future.

Things are very hard for everyone right now and your team members are going to go through a lot of strong emotions so it is critical that you validate those emotions (even if you don’t agree with them) and help team members work through them. Also, another way you can support your people is to help them understand what they CAN control in their life and take massive control of it, and what they can NOT control and as much as possible completely let go of those things.

There are three other big things your people need from you.

  1. A sense of safety and stability in the face of all this chaos
  2. Letting them know that you care about them and you are happy that they are on your team
  3. Showering them with genuine praise and appreciation for the effort that they are putting into the work they are producing.

So my question to you, what can you do right away to give your folks safety, belongingness, and appreciation (SBA)?

Lastly, to survive this ordeal, you must have the courage to look at the most brutal facts of your current reality without ever losing faith that you will persevere in the end, because you will.

I hope that these ideas help you as a leader and in every aspect of your life. And remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is love. Love your family, love your employees, and love yourself.

If you find this useful, take a moment and share it with your network.

Stay safe and be strong my friends.


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