Leading Thoughtfully and Effectively in a Crisis

Posted On: March 17

Across the globe, we are in unchartered territory trying to grapple with COVID-19 (coronavirus). While the impact of such a virus is unchartered, the effects on businesses and industries are not new. Having helped organizations for decades, we’ve seen these types of challenges before.

Most recently, we’ve faced these challenges in the 2008 Great Recession. At the time of the last recession, I was helping all types of businesses navigate this tumultuous time. Years later, there are still four key things I want to share with you all that will help you and your organization weather the storm and come out stronger than before. Check out my video below, Leading Thoughtfully and Effectively in a Crisis.

To help summarize, these are the four things that I saw great organizations rely on in the 2008 great recession that are true today as more challenges arise.

  1. Take amazing care of your employees
  2. Products/service are the best they’ve ever been
  3. Keep your eyes on the financials
  4. Find someone outside of your business to talk to

When times get shaky like this, you can sum this up by thinking that if you take care of your employees and customers by having these tough conversations, the financials will be there.

We will get through this, it’s going to be hard but we can do it together. Please take good care of yourself.



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