Guidance from a Mentor: Valuable Tips for Everyone

Posted On: July 1

A young man I mentor is heading to college. He asked for my advice. I gave him several ideas, but I’d like to share a few with you.

I told him not to worry about his GPA.

Just focus on being awesome this week in class. Don’t worry about the final exam. Focus on getting an A on the next quiz. If you concentrate on crushing every week, your final grade will take care of itself.

Don’t try to do it by yourself. Ask for help.

Talk to your professors and the teaching assistants. Talk to people who had the class the year before. Start a study group of students who are pursuing the same major. Sign up for the same classes with them. Work together as a team. Coach each other. Prepare for quizzes and tests together. Celebrate your success together.

Don’t worry about getting a great job after you graduate.

Join clubs in your chosen field -now. Go for leadership positions in those clubs. Go to student conferences in the area of your interests – now. Through those conferences, create a network of professionals in the field you want to pursue – now. Follow the thought leaders in the field you want to go into – now. Send them emails asking questions and for advice – now.

If you do that now, when you graduate, you will not have to look for a job. There will be lots of people looking to hire you.

What advice would you offer him as a mentor?

By the way, this is actually good advice for anyone.

Don’t stress about the sales numbers. Focus on being an excellent salesperson this week.

Don’t try to do it by yourself. Ask for help.

Create a network of people that will help you be successful.

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