The Slight Edge

Posted On: March 1

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  1. John- Really great insight as always. Many thanks for all you and Sheila do to help us slackers stay motivated!

  2. Bill – normally I would not say this… but YOU are a slacker!!!! Just kidding amigo’ – hope you have been fishing lately == and please say hello to Matt for me – I hope he is feeling beter.

  3. John,

    In your video you talk about non-negotiable standards of excellence and ambiguity. This made me think about a video I saw on TED talks, Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation. It starts with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think. So when I mix the two non-negotiable standards of excellence and Traditional rewards I seem to have conflict. When you have non-negotiable standards of excellence I tend to think of rewards for meeting those standards or exceeding them. So my question (suggestion for next blog) is how do you motivate individuals to meet those non-negotiable standards of excellence?

  4. I really love the insight that Ambiguity breeds to Mediocrity! Unclear plans and goals are void of anything. I can see how easy things are easy to do as well as just as easy not to do. These are great points to take forward. Thank you.

  5. John,

    I LOVE Jeff Olson’s book — I have it both paper and audio; I’ve also heard him live. I’ve even had wrist (rubber) bands created that one half reads: “Simple Act of Discipline” and the other half reads: “Simple Error in Judgement”.

    I started wearing them when I started paying attention to what I was eating.

    It’s a great reminder of “The Slight Edge.”

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your wisdome and insight in the video blog.

  6. John, watched the blog once alone and again with management team… just reminded them about setting high standards “clearly” to their staff. A perfect life example followed moments later, just to reinforce what you stated, so THANKS for sharing! always!

  7. Tough Times don’t Build Character……they Reveal Them

    General Booth founder of Salvation Army, could not attend their 50th anniversary, due to poor health. he wrote a speech to be delivered at the conference.

    The speech was read, in it’s entireity ……… “Others!” end of speech….Love it

    Congratulations on the weight goal acheivements. Oprah, always has had weight challenge, and during her success she changed her story from …”I’m a socalite, entertainment mogul, expected to eat and drink to support sponsors and my public”….. and wanting to lose weight; changed her story to…..”Am I a Woman of my Word or Not !!!!” Goal Achieved.

    Love you , Man -You Rock. Here’s an Apple toast to Health,Wealth, Happy and Wise …… >>> Cheers

    Your Pal Jim

  8. Respond to Kenny…………….. would love John’s comment here, and I believe ( for sake of being attacked) – you cannot motivate people. We are motivated to perform, achieve or lay on a couch. Our challenge is to tie our non-negoitable standards of performance into clear behaviors and discuss with leaders and teams, their behavior plans and then reward results. To Dan Pink pink’s point, people want autonomy, mastery and Purpose. Help them tie their goals to yours…………… ahhh, Gold !!!

  9. Great content as usual. Thanks you did motivate me! You are a master of getting to the bottom line point effectively and concisely. I have already made a list of 3 little things which are easy to change(and easy not to) which will have a positive impact on my business. Have fun good luck and safe travels!

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