The Value of Vision

Posted On: July 5

I am currently working on a book with my good friend Oleg Konovalov. We believe that success in business results from visionary leadership, strategic thinking, acting for people and their needs, and focused commitment. Staying successful over time requires constant reinvention.


In this article, I talk about several reasons why having a clear vision is incredibly valuable for every organization.

In my 30-year career as an executive coach and consultant, I have worked with successful companies with a vision. I’ve also worked with unsuccessful companies with a vision, but I have never worked with a highly successful company that did not have a vision.

There are several reasons why having a vivid, compelling, and well-communicated vision and strategy for growth are essential for every business.



A compelling vision motivates your team by getting them excited about the future of your business. It’s like a magnet, pulling your people forward and creating momentum. A challenging but achievable vision gives people something to strive for. A destination that seems just out of reach but worth the effort to get there.



A clear and well-communicated vision helps everyone in the organization understand where the company is going and their role in helping get it there. It ensures everyone is on the same page and working together toward a common goal.



It is impossible to build a strategy when you don’t know what outcome you are trying to achieve. The vision gives you a clear picture of what success looks like so that you can back up from there and create a strategy that will lay out a step-by-step process to attain your company’s vision.



Even more than pay or prestigious title, many employees today value working for an organization with a noble purpose. An inspiring vision as the main reason to join a company. Don’t get me wrong, they want fair pay. But they also want to work someplace where they can be personally committed to what the business is trying to achieve.



When people across the organization are clear about the company’s vision, making even the most difficult decisions becomes much easier. It’s a simple question, “Does taking this action help us move closer to achieving our vision?”



A strong vision that the leader is committed to allow for the courage to hold fast in uncertain times, guide the company with a steady hand, and the determination to keep moving toward realizing the vision. It’s also important to recognize that having a vision is not just for the CEO. If you lead only one person, they look to you to set the vision for where you are going together.


These are just a few of the many ways that vision can help your organization.

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