I don’t care about your fancy building. Your cool technology means nothing to me. Your location does not matter. Your competition can copy your price tomorrow. Your website? No big deal. None of these matters. If you don’t have great PEOPLE.

Rude employees drive customers away. Untrained employees frustrate customers. Uncaring employees show your customers that you don’t care about them. Remember, the customer’s experience will never exceed the employee’s experience.


Hire great people. Take great care of them.


As a leader, employees are your number one customer.

Do you treat your employees like your best customers? Do you give them the training, support, and resources necessary to deliver excellence? Do you get to know them as individuals? Not just someone who shows up to work every day, but the heart and soul of your business. Do you prove to them that you are invested in their success? Do you show genuine appreciation for their work and praise them often? Do you?

Many years ago, I had lunch with one of the world’s most successful and wealthy business owners. He was a billionaire several times over. During our meal, I asked him a critical question.


“What is the secret to business success?” He didn’t even pause. He looked at me and said, “John, you can kid yourself about a lot of things in your business, but at the end of the day, it’s all people, people, people.”


Nothing happens in your business without your people. Nothing. That is why finding, growing, and keeping talented people should be a MAJOR focus of your organization.


To repeat. It’s all about people, people, people.

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