People Do What Seems Easy

Posted On: August 16

Many years ago, my mother passed away from Pick’s disease, a rare form of Alzheimer’s. It came upon her suddenly, and within months she could not recognize me or even speak. After we spread her ashes in the ocean (she was a famous Marlin fisherwoman), I returned to my home in Gainesville, Florida, and immediately visited my friend Dr. Pat Korb.

Pat was a renowned Gestalt therapist who had been practicing for more than 30 years. Helping thousands of people deal with challenges in their lives. Pat was elderly and not in the best of health. So I had a strong sense of urgency to meet with her as soon as possible.

When I arrived at her office, I explained that my mother had just passed away and that I had never had the opportunity to ask my mother, “what’s the most important thing you’ve ever learned?” So I looked at Pat and said, “I’m not letting you get away from me, so please share with me the most important thing you’ve ever learned.”

She smiled and immediately answered…

People do what seems easy and convenient in their lives, not what is best for them.


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