Strategic Planning is Not Supposed to Be Complex

Posted On: November 6

I’ve had the unique experience of consulting for Fortune 100 companies that have entire departments solely focused on strategic planning. These specialized units employ various advanced strategy tools, from Scenario Planning and the Boston Consulting Group Matrix to Porter’s Five Forces. However, let’s set the record straight: strategy doesn’t have to be complex. For most businesses, especially small to medium-sized enterprises, such high-level tools are not only unnecessary but can also be counterproductive. A simple, straightforward approach to business strategy can yield impressive results. Techniques like a SWOT analysis, a competitive landscape review, and gathering basic customer and market data can equip you with an effective, easy-to-follow strategy. 

It’s crucial to understand that even corporations with expansive strategy departments are not fortune tellers; they’re making educated guesses about the future.

The marketplace is dynamic, constantly evolving, and full of surprises. Three years from now is a mystery. Competitors can pivot without warning, regulatory landscapes can change drastically, and customer preferences can shift overnight. These are variables that no strategy, no matter how sophisticated, can fully anticipate or control. 

Despite the inherent uncertainties, strategic planning is non-negotiable. In my 30+ years of global consulting, not a single long-term successful business lacked a focused strategy executed with discipline. 

Your business strategy is not a blueprint; it’s more like a roadmap for success.

It serves as a dynamic guide designed to steer you toward achieving your vision of building a highly successful company. Along this journey, you’ll inevitably face business roadblocks and strategic detours. Adaptability is critical; you’ll need to adjust your strategy as you go. But I can assure you, without a plan, your destination will be a failed business. 

By embracing a simplified approach to strategy, you’re not diluting its effectiveness. On the contrary, you’re making it accessible and actionable, which is the cornerstone of any successful business strategy.

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