Riding with Yoda: Advice for a Happier Life

Posted On: February 26

I was recently in San Antonio Texas on business. I got an Uber for the 20-minute ride from my hotel to the client’s office. Little did I know that I had gotten in the car with Yoda. Actually, his name was Leo, but he was wise beyond most people I have ever met. During our short ride, he shared powerful ideas about life, family, work, and faith. I gave him my email and asked him to drop me a note. This is the way I make sure people are serious about staying in touch. I have given my email out hundreds of times, and only a handful of people ever send a note. Leo sent a note the next day. Here is our exchange.

My note to Leo:

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to spend time with you. You are an incredibly wise person. I wonder if you could take a moment and answer a question for me. What are the three most important pieces of advice you could give me to lead a more happy and successful life?

Leo’s advice:

Mr. Spence, the pleasure was all mine. It was my honor transporting you to your event. If I could give you my two cents worth it would be. Always believe in yourself at all costs, wholeheartedly, always follow your passion, and be grateful for the things you already have, not for the things you don’t have. Trust in God always, protect your family, and always work harder on yourself on a daily basis, and whatever you work on can be manifested. Your dreams were given to you and nobody else’s. Your family and your friends see you for who you are, but your visions will show you who you can become. It’s all about your perspective. Hope that leads you in the right direction. Have a fantastic rest of your week.


Who knew Yoda was working for Uber? It just goes to show you you never know where wisdom is hiding. It could be your next ride to the airport.

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