An Essential Tool for Strategy Execution: The Power of Dashboards

Posted On: February 19

Creating a robust strategy can be monumental task, but it’s only the beginning. The real challenge, and often the stumbling block for many organizations, is in the execution. The gap between strategic planning and successful implementation is wide. This is where the indispensable tool of a dashboard comes into play. A dashboard is critical for any organization serious about turning its strategic visions into reality.

Why Dashboards Are Essential in Strategy Execution

1. Visibility for All

A dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of where the organization stands in relation to its strategic goals. This visibility ensures that everyone, from the C-suite to the front lines, understands how their work contributes to the bigger picture.

2. Accountability at Every Level

The clarity provided by a dashboard fosters a culture of accountability. When KPIs are laid out transparently, it’s clear who is responsible for what. This visibility makes it easier to identify bottlenecks and address issues promptly.

3. Agility in a Dynamic Environment

A dashboard allows organizations to adapt their strategies based on real-time data. This agility is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and making informed decisions that align with both current realities and long-term objectives.

4. Collaboration Across Departments

Beyond individual accountability, dashboards promote collaboration by highlighting interdependencies between departments and teams. They provide a platform for dialogue and problem-solving, ensuring strategy execution is a collective effort rather than a series of siloed initiatives.

5. Motivation Through Transparency

Seeing progress in real-time can be incredibly motivating for teams. Dashboards not only track performance but also celebrate achievements, reinforcing positive behaviors and driving continuous improvement. This sense of progress and recognition is invaluable for maintaining high levels of engagement and motivation across the organization.

The lack of disciplined execution and accountability are the main drivers of failure in many organizations. They create a great strategy but don’t put the processes in place to effectively implement it. Whenever I do strategy work for a client, I am “overly enthusiastic” in imploring them to use a dashboard. I counsel them that without one they are basically flying blind, hoping they will hit their numbers. I learned a long time ago; hope is not a strategy.

Dashboard Recommendation

Because I talk about this so much, many people ask me to recommend a dashboard. I’ve looked at a lot of different platforms and have found “Align” to be the best. It is robust while also being intuitive. It has all the features that I believe are critical for successfully tracking KPIs. Let’s put it this way: it’s the one I use.

Here is a link if you want to take a look: Align 

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