Why 70% of Employees Are Disengaged and What You Can Do About It

Posted On: August 7

In the business world, there’s a tool so powerful yet so underutilized that it’s almost criminal. It’s neither software nor a new manufacturing process, but a simple act: genuine praise. Let’s explore why this is a cornerstone for effective leadership and how it can transform your organization.

The Impact of Genuine Praise

When an employee pours their heart into their work, they’re not just seeking a paycheck. They’re looking for validation, for a sign that their efforts matter. This is where genuine praise steps in. It tells them, “I see you. I value you. You’re making a difference here.”

A recent Gallup poll revealed a startling truth: the top grievance among dissatisfied employees was a lack of praise. Think about that. More than salary, benefits, or job roles, people craved recognition the most. And here’s another eye-opener: over 70% of people who are contemplating quitting their jobs are essentially leaving their managers, not the job itself. The connection? A leader’s ability to genuinely appreciate and recognize.

The Ripple Effect of Recognition

Praising employees doesn’t just boost their day; it reshapes the entire organizational culture. Here’s how:

  1. Morale Boost: When employees feel seen and valued, their morale soars. They’re happier, more engaged, and more motivated.
  2. Increased Engagement: Recognized employees are engaged employees. They’re more invested in their roles and the company’s success.
  3. Drive for Excellence: Praise sets a standard. When employees know what excellence looks like, they strive to achieve and even surpass it.

The Art of Giving Praise

But here’s the catch: praise must be genuine, timely, and specific. A generic “good job” won’t cut it. So, how can a leader master this art?

  1. Be Timely: Recognize achievements as they happen. This shows you’re attentive and that you care.
  2. Be Specific: Instead of just saying “well done,” point out what was done well. “The way you handled that client’s concerns was exceptional. Your patience and clarity made all the difference.”
  3. Be Regular: Aim to recognize at least one team member every 7 to 10 days. It keeps the momentum of positivity going.
  4. Be Genuine: Employees can spot insincerity a mile away. If you’re going to praise, mean it.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. It’s a fundamental human desire. As leaders, we have the power to fulfill this desire, to create environments where employees feel valued and recognized. It costs nothing and requires minimal time, yet the returns are immense.

Let Me Give You a Real-Life Example

Last week we launched a new website. Adriana and Domingo from our team created it. This is the first time they’ve built a website. It turned out fantastic. Clean, easy to read and navigate, well written. Better than any website we have ever had before. I want to publicly thank them for surpassing every expectation I had. Please take a moment to go look at what they created and give them some praise.

Here is the epic new website: https://johnspence.com/

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