The Recipe for Repeatable Success

Posted On: July 31

Because of my travel schedule (200+ days a year), I go to a lot of restaurants. There’s a scenario that, as it unfolds, foretells that the ending will not be so good.


Let me give you my breakfast example. 

The waiter or waitress is exceptionally polite. They fill up my water glass. They ask if I want coffee, orange juice, or something else to drink. “I’ll have an iced tea with lemon.” Then they ask if I’m ready to order. I have a very set routine. I eat the same thing every morning. It makes it easier. I don’t have to make any decisions. “I would like two eggs over medium, sausage, and dry whole-wheat toast.” Here is where things start to go downhill. In an effort to impress me, they don’t write anything down. It is a simple order, I tell myself. It’s only four items. Nothing extravagant. This should be easy. Yet, I can feel the anxiety beginning to build. 

They bring iced tea, most often without a lemon. My breakfast arrives, and invariably, something is wrong. The eggs are scrambled. Possibly they bring white toast instead of wheat. Or the toast is slathered in butter. They forget the sausage; that happens a lot. In their attempt to show off their amazing memory skills, they disappointed the customer. I now have to go through the rigmarole of asking them to fix the order. It’s a pain. My breakfast is usually cold by the time they bring out the sausage. 

I tell you this not to be a complainer. There is a lesson here. 

If you want repeatable success, you must have a process. 

The process here is very simple. Write down the order! 

The question to you is: are the people in your business following the process? Have they been trained in the process? Do they faithfully follow the necessary steps to ensure things are done correctly? Do they have the resources needed to meet the customer’s expectations?

I guarantee that a restaurant manager never watches this scenario unfold and says to herself, “Fantastic, he’s not writing down any of the orders. I’m sure the customers are extremely impressed.”

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