Excellence Not Perfection

Posted On: April 22

Many years ago, a friend visited me at the company I was running. As we walked around the office, I introduced him to our staff. Each took a minute or two to talk about the projects they were working on. I invited some executive team members to join us for lunch. We had a great conversation about the exciting things our business was doing. At the end of the day, before he left, my friend said, “This place is like a cult.” And I replied, “Yes, it is. It’s a cult of excellence.” He looked bewildered. “Isn’t that a little extreme?” I smiled and said, “Excellence – not perfection – there’s a big difference.”

Excellence is a journey. Perfection is a destination that’s never reached.

Excellence is tangible. Perfection is an illusion.

Excellence adapts to change. Perfection rejects it.

Excellence fosters growth. Perfection stifles creativity.

Excellence encourages risk-taking. Perfection fears mistakes.

Excellence thrives on effort. Perfection demands flawlessness.

Excellence seeks improvement. Perfection seeks the impossible.

Excellence is empowering. Perfection is discouraging.

I encourage you to strive for excellence in your business and life. It’s a worthy pursuit. It isn’t easy. It takes discipline. Dedication. Focus. Others won’t understand. They will think you are being unreasonable. 

Perfection is unreasonable. Excellence is attainable. 

Life is short, why settle for anything less than excellence?

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