From Plan to Performance: How to Execute Your Business Strategy

Posted On: February 5

You’ve got a killer strategy. Your team has spent days, weeks, maybe even months crafting it. You’ve evaluated your market, studied your competitors, and set ambitious goals. You’ve got a plan that could take your business to new levels of success. But then, nothing happens.

The Problem: Great Strategy, Poor Execution

Many companies excel at creating solid strategies. They use the best tools, conduct in-depth analyses, and generate comprehensive reports. Leaders develop tactical plans. KPIs are set. And yet, the strategy falls flat. Why? Because people revert to old habits. Deadlines and revenue targets are missed. There’s no ownership, no accountability. The strategy, as brilliant as it may be, doesn’t deliver the desired results. They don’t turn their great ideas into action.

The Solution: Five Key Steps for Effective Strategy Execution

1. Align the Team

First, ensure everyone understands the strategy and how it aligns with the company’s goals. This isn’t just for top management. Every employee should know how their role contributes to the strategic plan. Hold a company-wide meeting to communicate the strategy and answer questions. Talk about it in every meeting. Go over it in one-on-one meetings. Send a clear and consistent message across the entire organization. It is impossible to overcommunicate the vision, mission, and strategy of the company.

2. Assign Ownership

Each part of the strategy needs an owner: someone responsible for its execution. This person should have the authority, resources, and skills to make it happen. Ownership creates accountability. If something isn’t working, you know exactly who to turn to. 

3. Set Clear Milestones and KPIs

Break down the strategy into actionable steps with deadlines. Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress. Make sure these are realistic and aligned with your strategic objectives. It is crucial that you monitor these regularly. People need to know precisely where they stand against their performance measures. Celebrate wins, and when things go off track, identify the reasons and adjust your approach. Additionally, there must be consequences for missing targets. If someone does not deliver what they promised, and nothing happens, you have told the entire company that you were just kidding about accountability. From my 30 years of experience doing strategy work, this is the area where most companies fall down. 

4. Review and Adapt

The business landscape is constantly changing. Your strategy should be flexible enough to adapt. Hold quarterly reviews to assess what’s working and what’s not. Make data-driven decisions to tweak your strategy and execution plan as needed. However, do not change your strategy unless the market demands it. Some companies are constantly pivoting, which keeps them from ever gaining any traction on their strategy. Don’t be one of those.

5. Establish a Meeting Cadence

A well-defined meeting cadence is essential for keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that the strategy is being executed effectively. Regular meetings provide a forum for discussing progress, addressing challenges, and making real-time adjustments. Whether it’s daily stand-ups for immediate concerns, weekly team meetings for tactical updates, or monthly leadership meetings for strategic reviews, a consistent meeting rhythm keeps everyone aligned and accountable.

Execution is where many companies falter, but it’s also where great companies excel. By focusing on these key steps, you’re setting the foundation for effective strategy execution. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are not the only steps you’ll need to take. There are other essential elements to consider, but these five are non-negotiable. Without them, even the most brilliant strategy will fail to deliver results.

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