April Leadership Development Carnival 

Posted On: April 2

It is my great honor to host these incredibly talented authors for another installment of the Leadership Development Carnival! I am truly privileged to present a collection of remarkable posts from some of the most exceptional leadership writers. My sincere thanks go to Weaving Influence and the Lead Change for organizing and curating these insightful pieces.

For those new to blog development Carnivals, these are thoughtfully compiled anthologies featuring posts from various writers, organized around major themes within a particular field or topic. The posts are carefully selected and presented for your professional development and inspirational growth. It is a pleasure to share these enriching works with you.


Stop Right There: 5 Phrases That Crush Collaboration and Tank Teamwork – By Karin Hurt and David Dye

You didn’t mean to tick them off, but here you are. Your words backfiring like a faulty engine, and now a cloud of awkwardness fills the room. You know collaboration matters and you want to be a team player. So what went wrong? Let’s talk about some of the most common phrases that sabotage collaboration, why they’re so annoying, and what to do instead.

4 Steps to Open and Hopefully Change Someone’s Mind – By Marcia Reynolds

Instead of trying to make someone think like you, these steps will show you how to influence someone’s views and beliefs using your curiosity and active listening skills.

Can You Get to the Top Without Playing Office Politics? – By Dana Theus

Office politics is as much a part of work as drawing a salary. And yet, I don’t know anyone who wants more of it. I had originally thought of office politics as simply a derogatory word to describe human and group dynamics among people forced to spend too much time together. But with observation I now think of these group dynamics, including the political elements, as a unique environment offering each of us the challenge to rise to our better natures.

Facts or Opinions? Communication Tips for Accuracy – By Diana Peterson-More

Pressbook advises writers and readers, ”A fact is a specific detail that is true [and] based on objective proof. A fact is discovered.” “An opinion is an interpretation, value judgment, or belief that cannot be proved or disproved. An opinion is created.” This post focuses on how to discern between facts and opinions, and offers tips to ensure we stay focused on “acts, facts and events.” The goal is to avoid using opinions to draw conclusions and acting upon them – frequently leading us down the wrong path. 


Career Success Demands Coloring Outside the Lines – By Julie Winkle Giulioni

You don’t have to have a creative bone in your body to apply artistry to your career. What is needed, however, is a commitment to looking at your work, goals, and role through a different lens – one that’s not limited by the way things have always been done.

The Power of a Story – By Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Once upon a time… These words alone can take us back to childhood and beyond. But storytelling has a far greater power than just a childhood imagination.

Planting and Growing—Leadership Is in Knowing How – By Brenda Yoho

Leadership is knowing how those you serve learn, what their strengths are, and areas they need to continue to work to improve. Helping others grow in an environment where they fee good and safe creates a foundation for collective success and fulfillment.


The POINT Feedback Model – When You POINT at Problems, You Have More Effective Conversation – By Sean Glaze

One of the most difficult parts of any team leader’s job is to have positive and effective feedback conversations. If you want to improve your retention or results as a leader, you understand that part of your job is to address behaviors that affect your team performance… “The Surest Way to Lose Great Employees Is to Consistently Tolerate Bad Ones”

How to Deal with People Who Undermine Your Confidence – By Frank Sonnenberg

6 steps to deal with people who undermine your confidence.

Open the Door to New Perspectives – By Jillian Miles Massey

We talked earlier this year about armored leadership versus daring leadership, and I think the same concepts apply here. Being a knower and being right is a totally different mindset (pair of glasses) from being a learner and getting it right.

Supporting Your Employees’ Development Needs With AI – By Sara Canaday

Professional development is vital for you and your employees, don’t allow a lack of time to keep you from giving it the attention it deserves. By combining the powerful technology of AI with your own leadership intuition and judgment, you can be more efficient and intentional about sparking the growth that can fuel success for you and your team.

How Future-Oriented Is Your Organization? – By Marcella Bremer

Future-oriented organizations perform better than organizations that are only concerned with the present. Foresight maturity has five dimensions, one of which is organizational culture. How do you score?

Risk Being Yourself – By Bill Treasurer

When you have become far removed from who you are supposed to be, when your work-self and personal-self are wholly different people, and when the masks you wear don’t look anything like your real face, you expend too much energy living a life of pretense.

We Often Talk About Fearless Leaders, but Here’s How You Can Tell if You Are a Fearful One – By Robyn McLeod

Robyn McLeod of Thoughtful Leaders Blog presents We often talk about fearless leaders, but here’s how you can tell if you are a fearful one where she shares that it is possible to shift from being a fearful leader to a fearless one by making an honest self-assessment of your own behaviors, and then getting feedback from those around you through a facilitated 360° or multi-rater feedback process. Armed with that data, you can then set goals for improving your ways of managing and leading – and letting go of the fear.

How to Develop Healthy Habits – By Ken Byler

Successful leaders know the power of habit. They have learned to move beyond self-discipline by creating habits that align with their goals and dreams.

What Does a Fractional CFO Do? – By Jon Verbeck

While every business is slightly different from the next and may require a slightly different approach, most businesses need the following data every month in addition to keeping up with the bookkeeping processes that lead to a strong monthly close:
Three basic financial statements: (income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow), monthly 12-month forecast, weekly scorecard comparing weekly KPIs to expectations, 13-week cash flow forecast, monthly CFO reports, and a regular, intentional meeting to discuss the results.

Three Takeaways from In-N-Out Burger’s Work Culture – By Chris Edmonds

In-N-Out Burger’s employees are some of the happiest on the planet. Employees rated In-N-Out’s work culture as an A+ on Comparably.com. These employee ratings are the reason Comparably awarded In-N-Out Burger the Best Company Culture in 2023. Your company may not have stellar employee ratings like In-N-Out does. Here are three takeaways from In-N-Out’s culture that you might use to improve the quality of your company’s work culture in the coming months.

Emotional Intelligence

Is It Time to Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence? – By John Stoker

Emotional Intelligence is the key to effecitve leadership. Here are a series of questions that will help you assess whether or not you should take steps to improve your personal EQ. 

Why Being Smart Isn’t Enough – By John Spence

In leadership, being an expert isn’t the top priority. Google’s Project Oxygen reveals that skills development like setting expectations, understanding others, and empowering your team matter most. As I have been teaching in my programs, EQ (your emotional intelligence quotient) is actually more important than competence. Read this article to find out why I say that.


3 Tips to Draw Employees Back to the Office – By Michael Lee Stallard

We all want to reap the benefits that come with in-person interactions, but return to office initiatives will fail unless backed by an engaging in-office environment. Michael Lee Stallard shares three things leaders can try and three things to avoid when addressing this issue.

The Next Step In Employee Recognition: A Culture Of Appreciation – By David Grossman

A study by Gallup/Workhuman revealed that when recognition programs are done well, employees are 4x as likely to be engaged and recommend the organization to friends and family. They were also 73% less likely to “always” or “very often” feel burned out. In my recent Forbes article, I cover 7 key ways to implement recognition programs that work.

Team Building

Orchestras and Teams: Playing in Tune – By Priscilla Archangel

The conductor’s role is to have a finely tuned ear to distinguish how well the orchestra is performing, and if necessary, identify the steps needed to perform at the level expected to deliver a masterpiece. Similarly, the leader’s role is to distinguish how well the team is performing, and to provide coaching and guidance to reach their goals and objectives.

Women in Leadership

HERStory – Women Leading the Economic Shift! – By Naomi Caietti

Celebrating Women’s History Month – We are living today through an incredible time. It is becoming more common to see women in leadership positions and positions of power, and – while there is still a lot of work to be done – we are in a place where we can feel empowered to share our successes with others.

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