Urgency: The Catalyst for Change in Tough Economic Times

Posted On: June 10

In a struggling economy, businesses face hard choices. When profitability drops, layoffs loom.

Even though there’s a mandate to reduce headcount, underperforming employees persist, protected by well-meaning managers. Noble intentions, but unsustainable. Continued losses risk everyone’s job.

The real danger? Lack of urgency. People drag their feet, hoping for improvement. But hope is not a strategy. Immediate, significant action is necessary.

  • To create urgency, start with transparent communication. Inform managers of the gravity of the situation. Be firm but fair. Emphasize shared sacrifice—there’s no alternative.
  • Support managers in making tough personnel decisions. Help them provide the best possible care for departing employees. 
  • Leaders must model urgency through their actions and demeanor. Convey seriousness without panic. 
  • Set clear deadlines for key decisions and actions. Hold people accountable. Provide regular progress updates to maintain momentum.
  • Engage employees in problem-solving. Solicit ideas for cost savings and efficiency gains. Empower teams to implement solutions quickly.
  • Celebrate wins along the way, no matter how small. Recognize those who embody the urgency mindset. Boost morale by highlighting progress.

Remember, urgency is not about speed alone. It’s about focused, purposeful action in the right direction. Prioritize ruthlessly.

In tough times, urgency is a company’s ally. Embrace it, communicate it, and let it drive the difficult but necessary changes. The alternative is far worse.

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